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We believe that learning can become better through technology and we work hard to prove it. Our main product, Doux, is a new-type of learning tool that emphasizes the user-experience without compromising functionality. We quickly realized that peoples' frustration with e-learning software presented a compelling market opportunity. The cost and complexity of high-end tools was too high while open-source tools lacked important functionality and a professional touch. We saw a chance to make the world a better place by producing a fresh learning experience through a tool that would be productive and fun to use.


Doux LMS is a feature-rich, visually attractive, SCORM compatible, eLearning and Human Capital Management training Platform designed to help create learning communities with opportunities for rich interaction.

The platform offers a wide range of features from content creation, test builder, extended statistics, internal messaging system, forum, chat, surveys and more.

It enables functions such as corporate learning which supports the principles of collective knowledge and provides functionality towards personalized learning..

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The key advantages of an interactive e-learning solution are its ability to:


TO SAVE MONEY that is otherwise spent on employing traditional training methods i.e. cost of print media, training facilities, transportation, hotel accommodation, licensed instructors etc.

BE MORE EFFICIENT in administering training to a globally dispersed audience.

Design Deployment

Why choose Doux LMS

Increasingly, organizations are implementing e-learning solutions as a key operational strategy. The benefits of Doux LMS to an organization include:

  • Platform Options

    Active Directory controlled, Database controlled/Integrated , Access on mobile devices, Email notification e.t.c

  • Industry Standards

    Doux eLearning platform is SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant.

  • Content Management

    Doux eLearning platform allows authorised users to upload training materials in varied formats in addition to an internal messaging system and forums

  • Self Service Features

    Allows users to determine the pace of their trainings on their curriculum and complete their assessments amongst many others.

  • Device Independent

    Doux eLearning platform can be accessed over various devices such as: tablets, mobile devices, laptops, notebooks and net books.

  • Inbuilt Reporting Moduled

    Doux eLearning platform has a robust reporting engine featuring varied standard and customized reports such as course, user, system, admin reports etc.

  • Data Security

    Doux eLearning platform uses multiple security libraries such as Zend and AMF to prevent injection attacks, session sandboxes and tar pits to ensure user access control.

  • Batch Upload of Users

    It offers training managers the flexibility of assigning users to training by simply uploading them from a spreadsheet into the LMS.

  • Digital Library

    Doux eLearning platform allows files and documents to be uploaded, organized and shared by all users

more features

Eliminate travel expenses for trainers (travel, meals, accommodations, etc.)
Eliminate expenses involved in hiring consultants to facilitate classroom training

Doux LMS has everything you need to administrate a large audience which are globally dispersed.

Facilitates the delivery of all-round training

Training classes and materials can be downloaded and reviewed off line without being connected to the company's network or the internet.
Doux eLearning platform was built on the architectural platform to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and other Microsoft Exchange for authentication and communication.
Currently, Doux eLearning platform can be integrated with Active Directory and Exchange Server for authentication of all users on the platform.
  • Private/group chats
  • In-course Chat and forum communication
  • Notifications (immediate / summary)
  • Upload zipped files
  • Upload Office files e.g. Ms word, PowerPoint
  • Upload PDF files
  • Create Links for any document
  • Read and edit documents in web browser
  • Shared Document Library for any course
Reduce Expenses

Get more amazing features

Reduce or eliminate costs of maintaining a training department; (salaries, benefits, training staff, special training-related equipment)

Flexibility and Convenience

Courses are available 24/7
Study at home, work, or on the road
Does not require physical attendance
Learn at a pace comfortable for you
Read materials online or download

Improved efficiencies

Once a training template is created, it is easier to develop subsequent training, update course material and test hundreds of staff members from a single location.

Improved performance means increased profits

Decreased costs means increased profits
Better trained employees reduce errors (which cost money)


Reduced expenses

Eliminate travel expenses for trainers
Eliminate travel expenses of sending employees to other locations for training
Eliminate expenses involved in hiring consultants to facilitate classroom
Reduce or eliminate costs of maintaining a training department.

Improved post-training activities

Easily collect test scores for management review
Update training records automatically

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Doux LMS Integrations

The solution is loosely coupled and operates in such that new data sources or new data outputs can be integrated using commonly- available, standards-based, and secured data interface to minimize integration costs.

Doux LMS was built on the architectural platform to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and other Microsoft Exchange products for authentication(single-sign-on model) and communication.
MYSQL Server and Reporting Services
Preferred database supported by the solution and integrated with other COTS components
SCORM Compactible
Has a unique web and mobile based designed to meet the SCORM guidelines and can be deployed across a corporate intranet or the internet.
The Objective of the integration is to ensure that the training information residing in Doux LMS as per each staff within the organization is accessible on oracle E-Business Suite. The idea is to view the training activities on oracle e-business suite via the Oracle learning Management administrator

Platform Security

Doux LMS software makes use of multiple security libraries such as Zend, AMF etc. to provide a safe and secure LMS platform. Our security features include

  • Prevention of Injection Attacks (SQL, XSS, Remote Code)
  • Session Sandboxes & Tar Pits
  • User Access Control (Access to contents are controlled by administrator)
  • Secure File Uploads
  • Secure Configurations (Platform configurations are not accessible over a public domain)
  • VeriSign SSL Certificate.(It is assumed that your company has an existing account with an SSL Certificate vendor and could easily request for a certificate for Doux server)

Optimized for mobile devices

This platform was developed with the express goal of delivering Doux Mobile's interactive multimedia training course content from the web server directly to users on their mobile phones/tablets through a native proprietary mobile app targeting the popular Android and iOS platform.

This mobile proprietary app provides a customized, convenient and consistent user experience the mobile device user has come to expect on their device of choice (Android or iOS).

The mobile app includes the following functional features:
  • An offline course content data repository that utilizes minimal data storage space on the user's device to cache the training course content retrieved from the web server for quick reference and offline viewing when the mobile device is out of data network coverage.
  • An interactive graphical user interface that is easy and convenient to use by offering an experience similar to the staple first- and third-party apps available on the device platforms (Android & iOS)
  • Access to key Doux LMS functions as provided on the web platform. So users can use the system at their convenience, outside of their desktop stations.
  • A feedback system to easily contact the admin

We're proud of these numbers

Doux technology is well supported in Mobile Web Apps, Mobile App, IExplorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and mobile browsers.

Mobile Web App

Mobile App

Web Base


Easy Deployment

Doux technology has the capability to be deployed on either physical or virtual machines.


Doux LMS will make use of two (2) servers;
One (1) will serve as application server and One (1) as a database server.

  • Application Server x1
  • Database Server x1

(Intel Xeon E3 2.40GHz, 16 GB, 250GB server) (Application and Database)


With the existence of virtual server space to deploy, this automatically eliminates the cost of having to secure/procure server space solely for the deployment of Doux

Bandwidth Requirement

For optimum user/server communication and enjoy fluid access to training materials, Doux requires a minimum bandwidth of 5Mbps. This is the standard bandwidth requirement with which past deployments of Doux have run seamlessly.

However, because of its large staff strength, we recommend a bandwidth of at most, 10Mbps, with a view to upgrade whenever it becomes necessary.

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Frequently asked questions

We have all the answeres!

Q: Will Doux Mobile work on my smart phone, tablet and other handheld devices?

A: Yes, handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones and android devices are supported by the LMS. You can access your training materials just as you would on your computer/laptop

Q: Will I have to start the course from the beginning, if I start from my mobile device and continue later from acomputer?

A: No, your online profile and course progress will be saved, so you will be able to continue from where you stopped. .

Q: What is the Group key feature?

A:This feature registers you as a member of a special group/class that has been created. Entering the unique key sent to your email by the admin into the group key field activates you to become a member of that group and grants you access to the associated courses for that group.

Q: How do I check the courses I have been enrolled for?

A: Click the "My Courses" icon to see all your available courses. Select any of them to begin the course. .

Q: How do I Access Doux Mobile?

A: You can access Doux Mobile by clicking on the app icon after installation and entering your username and password in the fields.

Q: What is Doux Mobile?

A: Doux Mobile is a mobile Learning Management System (LMS) that gives round-the-clock access to learning and development contents.

What they say about us

  • « We found Doux to be the complete solution. It provided an extremely wide array of functionality, but was still simple and easy to use. The technical requirements of the solution were straightforward »

    Tony Ezeamaka Programmer

  • « Doux has been a wonderful asset to our state's Comprehensive System of Personnel Development. We have approximately 1000 individuals who must complete coursework which is housed in our Doux LMS in order to earn their credential. Doux has allowed us to be able to effectively and efficiently manage all of our participants, track learning, run reports and collect information that we were not able to collect before Doux. Everyone in our state seems to be very pleased with the system. »

    Chinedu Anealo Dataville Solution CEO

  • « The proposed solution to the task was to implement an online Learning Management system, located in DMZ network, with connection to company network domain. Among open-source LMS / CMS solutions, Doux had the leading position in terms of integration to the corporate environment and licensing methods. »

    Ademola Adewumi Technical Front End Section Head

  • « ENGEL Company has been using Doux as eLearning and Knowledge platform since 2010 and the response of our partners is consistently positive »

    Dr. Wolfganbg Maresch Head of Training Services

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